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Smartphone Product Photos 2023 Advice & Tips

Smartphone Product Photos 2023 Advice & Tips

Smartphone Product Photos 2023 Advice & Tips

Let’s take you through the art of taking amazing smartphone product photos.

Product photography is the vital link between your e-commerce store and your potential customers. Most online stores operate with limited budgets, and they cannot afford the fancy accessories required to take professional product photos.

However, if you have a smartphone, I am here to tell you that you too can take amazing product photos. All you need is a little understanding of the basics of product photography and a bit of practice.

Before we start, let me briefly answer a few questions. Does this tip apply to all smartphones? Or, do I need a special smartphone for taking good product photos?

The answer is no. All smartphones perform well in taking product photos. All smartphones have a camera capable of taking amazing product photos. So, what can you expect from a product photo that you take using a smartphone?

A product photo taken with a smartphone appears more vibrant and appealing than a photo captured using a standard digital camera.

The following tips will help you to learn about the art of taking beautiful, professional photos using your smartphone.

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Be Prepared when Taking Smartphone Product Photos

There are no limits to the number of photos you can take at one time. But make sure you have allowed yourself enough time in your schedule. Make sure you give yourself enough time to take each photo.

Keep in mind that smartphone cameras capture different kinds of light. For example, indoor light is often harsh without color variation, while natural light can be overexposed and cause over-saturation.

But this is not an issue as you are not shooting for a magazine cover. But you must take these kinds of light issues into your consideration. I recommend making a list of your products. It will help you plan your photos. Knowing what you want to capture will keep you from moving from product to product.

Remember, don’t panic! Take a deep breath and concentrate on what you are trying to achieve. Also, when you make a mistake, laugh it off. It doesn’t matter if you are actually doing something wrong. It is how you look doing a particular activity that counts.

You must be mindful of your surroundings while taking the photo. Make sure the background is not distracting and neutral in color or texture. For example, smooth, undyed walls and white backgrounds can be dull and boring. Choose a backdrop that has texture and interest, such as a fabric or woven material. This will make your photo more interesting and lively.

If you can’t easily find a colorful backdrop, use natural objects in the background to liven up the photo. But make sure they do not distract from your product, as they can sometimes cause over-saturation in your photos.

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Use Natural Light to Take Smartphone Product Photos

Using natural light is the best way to take good product photos. To capture natural light, you must have a window in your workspace. If you can’t, consider using a tabletop lamp with a shade for this purpose.

Smartphone Product Photography
Using Natural light

Products made of glass look good in natural light, and they tend to pick up the warm colors in sunlight. Also, glass reflects the color of the light source, and it looks like there is more color than there actually is when you take photos of these items in natural light.

You can also take advantage of natural light from a window by using a reflector or diffuser. Use the natural sunlight’s reflection to distort your product’s shape or color, giving it more dimension.

You can even use this to focus on one particular feature of your product, such as the backside.

When taking shots outdoors, use a tripod and know that the background may also consist of natural objects. For example, you may be capturing long grass or bushes in your photo.

These objects may be overexposed in your photo, so you must plan accordingly.

Also, when working with natural light, use your camera’s “white balance” setting. This will adjust the color in the picture so that it is more neutral and easily captured on the camera’s sensor.

Get creative! Be innovative with your photos. For example, you might want to take product shots using different angles.

Capture photos of your products in beautiful lighting and backgrounds, blur images for creative points of view or use the “selfie” mode to capture images close-up.

Try experimenting with different styles so you can come up with a variety of photos that will give your online store the best chance at standing out from the crowd.

Avoid Using Your Smartphone’s Flash Light When Taking Product Photos Using a Smartphone

The flash on a smartphone camera is designed to illuminate a subject that is in low light. However, the flash may also cause over-saturation that could result in dull-looking photos.

For your photos to be appealing, they must look natural and authentic. This will mean that you must avoid using your smartphone’s flashlight or any other light source directly on your product photos.

The important thing to note about taking product photos using a smartphone is that the flash could cause overexposure in your final image. If you are not careful, this can result in dull colors, underexposure, or saturation, making the image look washed out.

You will need to compensate for these by using manual settings on your camera.

There are different kinds of automated modes on smartphones used for capturing photos. You can use these for taking your product photos. For example, if your smartphone has a “macro” mode, you can use this to make sure the photo is as clear and crisp as possible.

However, you can achieve better results by changing the camera settings manually. You may need to make several adjustments to achieve the best results, such as changing the white balance and adjusting contrast and brightness levels.

Be aware that many smartphone cameras have options such as an “autofocus” button. However, these are designed to help you switch between different modes. A better choice would be to use manual focus mode and navigate the various controls to optimize your product’s photo.

Use a Tripod When Taking Product Photos Using a Smartphone

It is important to make sure the camera is firmly attached to a tripod. There is nothing worse than experiencing an accidental shake that causes your product or background to blur and change color.

Use a Tripod When Taking Product Photos Using a Smartphone
Tripod for Smartphone

Accidental” is the keyword here. When shooting from a tripod, you have to pay attention to what you are doing. If you have a smartphone with a manual focus setting, use it to your advantage because it will help you pinpoint your image so that there is no blurriness or over-saturation.

Stay still and move the camera back and forth slowly instead of trying to move around. With a smartphone, you may need to use the timer function to set your exposure for the product.

If you are using a tripod, make sure that both camera and tripod are firmly placed on a solid surface to prevent your hands from shaking. It is also important not to hold the phone too tightly when taking photos with it.

If you do, it can distort your photo by making the field of view narrower or wider than usual.

This will ensure that your product photo is not over-saturated, too dim, or too red. The best setting to use is “auto.”

Clean the Product Before Taking Product Photos Using a Smartphone

If you are taking photos of a product you have already used, make sure it is clean first. This will make it easier to take good photos.

Products may also be affected by the natural oils from your fingertips, so if possible, try to clean them up first before capturing an image for your online store. The best thing to use for cleaning is a microfiber cloth.

You may also want to shine the product to make it look its best. Be cautious, however, about using cleaners and shiners on delicate materials such as leather because this could damage the item.

Also, avoid getting the product too wet because it could ruin it or affect your photo in a negative way. If possible, use a clean cloth and water that is lukewarm and not too hot or cold.

Use Your Smartphone Camera’s Built-in Settings

The abilities of smartphone cameras are constantly evolving, so it is no surprise that many of them come with built-in settings. They can be accessed through your camera app, sometimes by pressing the “settings” button.

These settings can vary depending on the phone or manufacturer, but you may adjust the brightness, saturation, white balance, and focus.

Smartphones often have a “macro” mode which is particularly useful for product photos. When you turn this on, it allows you to focus on close-up objects.

Try experimenting with different settings to find the perfect combination for your product.

Do Not Zoom on Images When Taking Product Photos Using a Smartphone

Do not zoom in on your images before you take them because this may cause a digital distortion. The camera lens can refocus the image after zooming, causing a noticeable blur in the result.

When you zoom in, the resolution of your photo will reduce and decrease your image quality. Instead, get closer to the product by moving your smartphone to fill the frame.

Above all, be sure to take photos that are equivalent in resolution, which means that the photo’s resolution must be consistent throughout. If you zoom in or enlarge your image, it could decrease quality.

If the photo is blurred because of this, it may look unappealing in your online store. You can also use manual focus to adjust the focus on your smartphone camera.

Be Aware of the Direction of Light When Taking Product Photos Using a Smartphone

When it comes to your product photos, light is an important factor. It will either add to the attractiveness and clarity of your photo or make it appear dull or blurry.

Make sure you choose a good location for taking photos, such as a room with diffused light. If you are struggling to find anywhere suitable, consider taking your photo outside.

Consider the direction of the light when taking your photos. If it is coming in from above, try using a mirror or another reflective surface to bounce the light back into the room.

If the light is coming in from below, consider placing something reflective on top of your product to reflect some light into the room. You can also add a small diffuser to help bounce the light back into the room.

Take Multiple Photos of Each Product

As you become more comfortable with your smartphone camera and its settings, you may find it easier to take larger quantities of product shots. You will take more product photos and capture that elusive “good shot,” which will give your online store a professional look.

It is also a good idea to take a variety of product angles. For example, if you are selling a glass vase, use different angles to capture the range of details and make it appear more realistic.

Sometimes the best angles are the most simple. Try taking a photo of your product standing on its own, rather than placing it on a table or countertop.

The more angles there are, the better chance you have of creating something visually appealing. Use your creativity to change your product shots depending on how you present them in your online store.

Final Thoughts on Smartphone Product Photography

Smartphone cameras may be simple, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take incredible photos. While they don’t have all the traditional camera features, smartphone cameras are still pretty amazing.

You should always include your brand logo or business name in your product images because this is one of the main factors potential customers will consider when deciding whether to purchase from your store.

In addition to this, you can personalize your images by adding specific details about your products to make them feel more authentic. These details can range from images of the actual product to a list of its main features.

Smartphone cameras make taking product photos easy and convenient, which is why they are becoming a popular choice for brands and photographers alike.

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